Wednesday, July 16

The private sector has to become responsible for Destination Marketing

Endangered species
Tourism providers need to become individually and collectively better at marketing themselves, each other and their own destination. 

I believe that if you can raise the game of the private sector then this ultimately will address all the long-standing issues still being debated re TBIDs, State Aid, the role of DMOs, OTAs, market failure etc.

The private sector has to become responsible for Destination Marketing.

Monday, July 7

Social Media - The DO NOTHING Strategy

The office phone is ringing

You answer it.

Someone walks into the business.

You greet them.

An enquiry form from your website is received.

You follow up with an email or a call.

A tweet mentions your business...


Wednesday, July 2

10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use Social Media

Social Media Marketing for business is not that new anymore. 

However a lot of businesses still ignore it!  

After all Social Media is a very different way of communicating your company or brand message - and with that comes challenges, difficulties and threats.

There is also the joy of learning new and successful ways of marketing.

But still, maybe you should not use Social Media because it is not for you just yet!

Here are 10 reasons not to use Social Media:

Tuesday, July 1

How Travel Oregon Uses Instagram to Support its Website

Travel Oregon is a multi-platform digital marketing initiative aiming to dynamise tourism in the Beaver State. 

Via influencer marketing and crowdsourcing, Travel Oregon manages to get a permanent in-stream of fresh content to share. The initiative especially focuses on Oregon’s 7 Wonders: the landmarks that make the region especially attractive to outsiders.

Travel Oregon's launch strategy involved leveraging the reach of influencers at a time of year when our research indicates is the most ideal for inspiring travel to the state.

Goals of this phase were:
  • Utilize influential Instagram photographers to expand the campaign’s reach
  • Grow Travel Oregon’s Instagram community
  • Curate high-quality photos of Oregon’s Wonders
  • Engage with locals, travel partners and other businesses in the area
So, Travel Oregon brought together Instagram influencers with local Oregon ambassadors to create the ultimate social influencer tour to highlight Oregon’s 7 Wonders and the surrounding areas.

Friday, June 27

The single most important innovation for the visitor economy!

VisitEngland recently introduced a framework of activities and actions to stimulate and facilitate innovation. They are keen to come out of the debate with some tangible ideas of how to drive innovation in the sector.

I was one of the people they asked to give a view on implementing and exploiting innovation in the visitor economy and to question whether the public sector has a role to play.

Here's what I had to say...